T3 Apprentice Celebrates Success

T3 Apprentice Celebrates Success

One of our apprentices, Joe Maggs, who is currentlycompleting a Level 3 Digital Engineering apprenticeship has recently been recognised by his College Tutor for outstanding work.  He has submitted an assignment for the BTEC ConstructionTechnology and Design Unit which has been marked, internally verified and graded as a Distinction.  His tutor, Micah West of Barnsley College, had the following to say about it:

‘… It is an outstanding piece of work.  Joe should be very proud of his hard work. It is a good example of both Joe’s academic skills as well as his professional report-writing skills.  Joe is a fantastic student, and I am grateful that he is on my course… ‘

His T3 Assessor Anthony Ward also had the following to say about Joe:

‘… from day one, it was clear to me that Joe had commenced his apprenticeship with a mature ethos and a determination to succeed. The CAD and BIM work he undertook whilst under my guidance was exemplary and I’m sure this excellence will continue.  His employer is very supportive as evidenced by the quality of his apprentice assessment evidence.  I wish him every success for the future …’

We asked Joe for his opinion on his progress as an apprentice with T3 Training & Development:

‘…When I first started with T3 I was a little worried, being a ‘mature’ student, a few years older than anyone else in the class.  From day one I have enjoyed the process and have really started to find the college coursework interesting and a welcome break from my usual working week.

I like my tutors, and feel the course is run well, allowing me time to work and study without feeling too under pressure, and I also feel I am learning at a steady pace in college, and with my employer too.

It was really nice to see that I had achieved a good grade in one of my assignments and the praise from Micah meant a lot, as I was unsure if my writing ability was a touch prehistoric compared to the younger members of my class, not writing anything of importance for well over 10 years. It has allowed me to continue on with my current assignments in the same way, and hopefully I will achieve similar grades going forward….’

Well done Joe. 

Nicola Barratt

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