Apprentice Site Visit to Charcon

Apprentice Site Visit to Charcon


Our apprentices are currently attending our training facility in Barnsley where they are receiving specialist training in various sectors. One of the training blocks is relating to RC Detailing.

Our tutor covered the following points within the week’s training:

• Introduction to RC Detailing

• Basic Design Principles

• Documentation (BS8666, EC2, Standard Method of Detailing)

• Detailing Principles – construction sequence, buildability, laps, anchorage, cover

• Drawing & Schedule Production

Once they had completed this it was arranged that they would visit Charcon Construction Solutions in Lound who design, manufacture and deal with the installation of integrated offsite solutions for the Construction industry. The apprentices got to see first-hand what they were being taught in the classroom. Once they had all their PPE on, they had a walk around the factory.


They were able to see:

Steel rebar being cut and bent automatically by a machine.

Steel fixers assembling the rebar.

The rebar in a mould and filled with concrete.

The final cast product which also gave them an understanding on what is involved in quality control.

They were able to look at a design for a set of concrete stairs and compare this to what had been manufactured.

They also watched other products being produced these included, landings, holo-core flooring and delta blocks.


The learners found the training beneficial and had the following to say:

“We had the great opportunity to go to a concrete site where they created stairs. This was really interesting as we had created our own stairs on CAD and then got to see the real thing being manufactured”

“We had an amazing site visit where you can see what we had drawn”

“After a visit to Charcon, a concrete casting site, I now understand these drawings better and am aware of the importance of reinforced concrete in construction”

Nicola Barratt

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