Statement of Expectations when working with Subcontractors

T3 Training and Development is committed to delivering high quality training to apprentices. This statement outlines the reason we subcontract, the relationship with our subcontractors and how we determine the associated costs.

This policy applies to apprenticeships delivered by T3 Training & Development as a main provider.

T3 are committed to managing and monitoring the subcontractor by:

  • Undertaking clear, fair and transparent procurement activities and robust due diligence activities
  • Relating any management fee to the cost of the services provided

Before commencement of a subcontracting agreement T3 will ensure:

  • The programme of delivery meets the best interest of the learner and the employer
  • The programme fits with our company mission, values and objectives
  • There is sufficient expertise within T3 to quality assure the provision and delivery
  • The subcontractor is on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers
  • The subcontractor has sufficient staffing and resources to deliver
  • The subcontractor completes and passes the due diligence process
  • The subcontractor works within our terms of contract
  • The subcontractor is not an extremist organisation
  • Value for money is achieved

All subcontracted provision will fulfil one of the following aims:

  • To support the strategic objectives of T3 or local/national government
  • To serve a demographic need we would not otherwise be able to meet
  • To deliver qualifications that otherwise could not be offered by

Subcontracted provision will be monitoredand managed through our quality improvement processes and policywhich include:

  • Observations of guidance, teaching, assessment
  • Face to face interviews with staff and apprentices
  • Collection of feedback
  • Regular meetings and progress reports

Visits at short noticeT3 will not work with a subcontractor that is assessed as unsuitable or whose quality of delivery is demonstrably inadequate.

T3 charge a management fee to support the quality monitoring and support activities. This fee may vary depending on the agreed delivery and the needs of the individual subcontractor. Each subcontractor will receive a high level of support and guidance.Management fees may increase if:

  • A subcontractor is deemed to be medium or high risk
  • A higher level of administration and management support is necessary

Management fees may decrease if:

  • A subcontractor is deemed to be low risk
  • The level of administrative and management support is significantly low

T3 will strive to ensure that fee arrangements are fair to all based on the information provided andpast performance records.

We have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued development. Keep checking back for more details.

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