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Geospatial Survey Technicians collect geospatial data (data relating to geographic position on the earth’s surface) for use in the creation of maps, satellite navigation systems (Satnavs), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), construction of infrastructure including roads, buildings, bridges, offshore construction such as wind turbines and oil rigs, the identification of local, suburban, or international boundaries, military, mining, and a wide range of other purposes. Geospatial Technicians use a wide range of technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and electronic data capture tools and processes, such as Building Information Modelling. 

The main duties and tasks are to:

  • capture geospatial information
  • take, record and document appropriate geospatial measurements to the required specification 
  • work with other professionals, clients, customers, and others to obtain and provide geospatial information
  • perform calculations and use geospatial data 

Geospatial Survey Technicians can work in either the public or private sector and employers include geophysical consultants, civil engineering contractors and consultancies, rail operators, mining companies, local authorities, central government, the military, multinational corporations, specialist land, air and offshore mapping companies, cartographic publishers, suppliers of computer-based mapping technology and GIS, utilities companies and a range of others. Geospatial Survey Technicians work with scientists, technologists and other related and land related professionals.

Additional information

Skills & knowledge the apprentice will develop

The learner will be trained in all aspects of surveying such as:  

  • Geospatial Data  
  • Health & Safety  
  • Cartography  
  • Measurement  
  • Geospatial Technology  
  • Sustainability  
  • Legal and Regulatory compliance

How will I learn & what qualifications will I gain?

Duration of the Apprenticeship

30 months

Start Date:
Anytime – Roll on, roll off

Professional Recognition and Career Progression

The apprenticeship will provide the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to apply to become an Associate member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or an Associate Member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. 

How much will it cost and incentives

The full cost of this apprenticeship is £9,000. 

Levy Paying Employers: Full amount will be covered via your contributions into the account. 

Non-Levy Paying Employers: You pay just 5% towards the cost of the apprenticeship with the Government funding the remaining 95%.  Therefore, the maximum cost incurred would be £450 (Payment Plans are available). 

If you employ fewer than 50 employees, the government will pay 100% of the apprenticeship training costs up to the funding band maximum and pay a grant of £1000 for apprentices aged:

  • 16 to 18
  • 19 to 24 with an education, health and care plan provided by their local authority or has been in the care of their local authority

Incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice

Employers can apply for a payment of £3,000 for new apprentices of any age who have an employment start date of 1 October 2021 to 31 January 2022. These apprentices must also have an apprenticeship start date of 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Applications close 15 May 2022.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade A-C/4-9 including English & Maths

We have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued development. Keep checking back for more details.

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