March 17, 2021

Case Study

Apprentice Name:Keenan McCormick

Employer:Coda structures

What was you doing before you started your apprenticeship?

I had just finished a year at college full time doing construction in the built environment.

What made you apply for this apprenticeship with T3?

I was looking for apprenticeshipswithin the construction industry as I wanted to be educated at both college and in the workplace to gain better work experience. The T3 training programme seemed very interesting to me as Iliked the idea of an initial 10 week block to gain skills in CAD so when I started with my employer I would feel better set up.

What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

Firstly I have gained experience in meeting new people as I knew nobody at the start of the 10 weeks so it was nice to meet new people from different places in the country. The main skills I have learned is how to work efficiently in CAD as a structural technician. I have also gained knowledge within the construction in the built environment.

Who do you work for and what do they do?

I work for Coda structures. As a company coda structures delivers engineering solutions for new build structures and refurbishments.What is your role,at Coda?

My role is a CAD/structural technician. My main duties are to draw the structural design onto an architects drawing in CAD, on a day to day basis I speak to my team and clients to get information needed to design a structural solution for a development/ refurbishment. My team is small,I work withthe Manager andanother senior engineer.

What are your future goals within the company?

My aim is to work for my company at the same time as studying at College/ University in order to be able to work more efficiently and to gain the skills, qualifications and experience to work on projects on my own.

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