Steel Fixer Apprenticeship Standard Level 2

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Steel Fixer Apprenticeship Standard Level 2

Suitable for:
  • Construction Steel Fixer
  • Steel Fitter & Construction Site Supervisor


Qualifications & Training

15 month Apprenticeship Programme
Steel Fixing Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours – assessed in the workplace
Specialist Training programme delivered by industry experts on a live site (see below)

  • Health & Safety
  • Cut, bend and connect reinforcing steel
  • Prefabrication of reinforcement elements
  • Shape and Assemble Structures
  • RC Detailing and the principles of RC Detailing
  • Interpret drawings and specifications
  • Use digital tools / BIM Models to aid steel fixing
  • Lifting and positioning of pre-assembled reinforcement elements

Learning outcome

The steel fixer will typically be working as part of larger team on a construction project in which they will have responsibility for positioning, assembling and fixing of different shapes and sizes of steel rebar to the correct specification and tolerances. The steel fixer will be able to interpret contract information, drawings and specifications in order to assemble and install the components correctly.

The Skills & Knowledge the apprentice will develop:

  • Health & Safety
  • Read, interpret and comply with information from BIM Models, drawings and specifications.
  • Shape and assemble different types of reinforcing bars including coupling and fixing.
  • The methods of installing prefabricated and manufactured elements.
  • How to install reinforcing steel in-situ.
  • Offsite construction, transportation, storage and assembly.

We have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued development. Keep checking back for more details.

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