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Digital Construction Course

In the modern era of design, construction and operation of the built environment, digital is everything. 

We collate, manage, and use data to a greater extent than ever before, and this trend will only grow exponentially in the future as more designers, contractors, suppliers, and clients become more aware of the benefits. A high demand for digital skills ensures increased career opportunities and job security.

This Skills Bootcamp requires no prior knowledge of the construction industry, as the accompanying, optional foundation modules introduce the sustainable design and construction workflow.

This course is intended to introduce the concepts and workflows of information management in the digital construction industry – what many people refer to as BIM.

You will learn how data is generated, collected, manipulated, and analysed to improve efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

You will explore the current national and international standards, working through the flow of data in the Construction Industry. Learners who are new to the industry have access to an optional foundation precursor to introduce the digital built environment and sustainable design. All learners have the chance to study soft skills to boost your chances of attaining employment.

The Programme


The bootcamp consists of 154 guided learning hours over 10-15 weeks which will be initially delivered through a mixture of remote learning and prerecorded sessions, plus 70 independent learning hours, resulting in a project portfolio.


Learners will be expected to commit five hours per week to independent learning, in addition to eleven hours per week of tutor-led lessons and coursework. Learners will develop a portfolio over the course of the bootcamp, incorporating and considering all the aspects covered in the lessons.  The portfolios will demonstrate understanding of the topics covered and their assessment will factor heavily in the overall pass grade attained by learners.


Our blended learning material has been designed to run in the classroom or online, thereby ensuring continuity regardless of external factors, and mitigating the logistical risks and disruption caused by pandemics.


In the short-term, all Lessons are recorded and made available through an online learning platform, with lecturers online for live discussion and Q&A sessions at set times throughout the course duration. Student coursework will be uploaded and feedback provided remotely and peer-to-peer interaction will be facilitated through forums and live sessions throughout the programme. Start and end dates will be defined for each learner, but the self-paced nature of the delivery allows each learner to work around existing employment and social commitments, within the time limits defined for completion.


What Is Involved?

Courseware covers the use of discipline-specific model authoring tools such as Autodesk, Revit and explores how data generated in such tools can be exported to a range of other tools where it can be assessed and interrogated to improve design, save time, money, and lives, and to inform downstream decision making. Learners explore construction data management with the federation of data from multiple sources and construction sequencing, along with time and cost estimation.


ISO 19650 and other standards are explored through a simulated project experience, designed to demonstrate the responsibilities of each party. Learners are also introduced to the Common Data Environment, COBie and BIM in Facility Management.


This unique bootcamp has been designed with several audiences in mind, and hence a number of optional starting points, depending upon the background of the learner. For those new to the industry, or looking to recap on the basics, we start with an introductory Foundation course on the digital design, construction, and operation of the built environment. For those approaching from a graduate or employed perspective, the course opens with a look at the collation, use and management of data in the modern construction sector. Both groups have optional modules on employability – CV writing and interview preparation.


Thereafter, the streams converge into an agenda which includes the following topics:


Introduction to the digital built environment and sustainable design process

  Construction and data management

Science and sustainability

Portfolio preparation

Discipline – Specific model authoring software training

BIM data in facility management

Presentation skills


Through this curriculum, learners will be able to work in a collaborative digital environment, understand relevant national and international standards around BIM and information management. Skills which are in extremely high demand within the job market.

Who Is The Bootcamp Suitable For?

Skills Bootcamps address the needs of adults aged 19 years and over, and who meet one of the following criteria:



Graduates looking to enter the job market


Returning to work


This bootcamp is equally suitable for those leaving sixth form college, or unemployment and looking to explore a career in the design and construction sector, as it is to graduates or employed candidates looking to add Digital Skills and information management (BIM) to their repertoire.


In preparation for engaging with employers, learners are also offered training in soft skills such as CV writing, applying for a job and navigating the interview process.


The optional Foundation modules for this Skills Bootcamp ensure that it is equally suited to those with little or no knowledge and experience in the construction sector, as it is to those with experience working in the sector and wishing to add digital skills to their existing expertise. This bootcamp makes an ideal pre-cursor to anyone taking up an apprenticeship; to graduates wanting to top up their knowledge before starting work; to employees wanting to understand digital information management and BIM tools.


We are not just recruiting learners – we are also engaging with prospective employers who are actively looking for trainees and experienced staff. These employers will be given access to the portfolios and progress reports of all learners who join the bootcamp without a sponsor and will be encouraged to interact and interview candidates throughout the bootcamp timeline.        

Does This Mean A Guaranteed Job At The End Of The Skills Bootcamp?

No, we can’t give that guarantee, but we are paid on results. The Department for Education withholds part of our funding until you have a job interview, so we will be working hard to ensure that you get that far at least, and because we are perfectionists at heart, we will be aiming for 100% employment. Of course, this also requires you to work hard and show the employers that you are worth taking on!


If you are unemployed, self employed or a graduate, the course is fully funded. If you are employed, then your employer will be asked to contribute 30% of the course fees, which  equates to £1042.50 on the assumption that they undertake to promote you into a role which  reflects your newly acquired digital skills.

If you would like further information or an application form please contact 01226 610201 or email [email protected]


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